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Advanced English classes for Spanish speakers who want to improve their communication skills and use English in meetings and at international conferences. - Clases de inglés avanzado para personas que hablan español y quieren mejorar sus habilidades de comunicación y entender y hablar en ínglés en juntas o en conferencias internacionales.
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Our 36 years of translating experience assure quality!

Please compare other services - you will not only find great variety in pricing, but also in quality and service.

We specialize in Spanish and English only.


Independent proofreading guarantees the correctness your document or publication deserves. Proofreading your own material for content is recommended. (Who else is more qualified?) But proofreading for correctness should always be done by a professional. (Unfortunately, when we proofread our own material, we usually fail to see our own mistakes!)

Initial checking for content by someone knowledgeable in the field is necessary to "catch" repetition and/or missing information and usually can be carried out by a work companion at little or no extra cost and should be done before any translation is attempted.

Checking for correctness and consistency should be done by professional proofreaders who have not been involved in the preparation of the document. This can be done at the manuscript stage, or preferably when you have print-ready "proofs", as this way type-setting errors can also be found.

Our proofreaders have worked on all types of material, from business cards to university texts. We can handle individual documents through daily publications.

Please contact us to arrange a free, no-obligation sample; and to discuss delivery schedules, prices, etc.


We can help you with different types of editing and revision.

If your material is complete but still in text form, we can suggest appropriate style options. Upon your acceptance of a style, we can format your text if required.

If your material is formatted, we can revise it prior to printing and suggest improvements or corrections for clarity.

If it needs to be shortened due to publication size limitations, we can edit it for repetitive content, etc; or we can produce a précis, if that is all that available space permits.

Our editing services are normally utilized to correct such pre-translation problems as:
-   poorly-formatted documents
-   information to be "united" into one consistent document
-   size (for cost, publication space, or repetitive content).

These services can also be utilized independently.

Please contact us to arrange a free, no-obligation trial; and to discuss delivery schedules, prices, etc.



Because we translate and edit on computers, we require text and table samples by e-mail to verify format suitability. There is no charge for this service.

NOTE: If you want us to convert your document to a computer-readable format (.txt, doc, html), additional charges will apply. (If your document is not computer formatted, we recommend checking your local scanning and/or type-setting services both for cost and to allow you time to re-check your original. Please take the extra time into consideration.)


6000 words or less: 6 days.
(Normally we will supply your completed translation in less than the above-stated time, but to ensure quality we specify these times to allow for situations where, for example, we must contact you regarding clarification of content, style, etc.)


A free sample paragraph can be supplied upon request.
(Translations 101 is not responsible for the usage of the translations supplied, nor for any resulting actions, contracts, etc. -  Also see our note on ambiguity.)

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